Rizzoli & Isles: Season 27 Plot Synopses – Part 2

Episode 5: “Are You a Fuckin Cop”

Rizzoli drives a car around town for the entire episode, trying to find the perp from the previous episode. She has no luck and becomes so angry that she goes to a wood-paneled bar and drinks a large scotch while a demographically appropriate song about lost love plays quietly. Behind the scenes: None of the other characters appear in the episode, even though one of them is just a medical examiner.

Episode 6: “Drink Ovaltine!”

Isles wakes up in her face and body transplanted high school boyfriend’s bed, but this time she’s okay with it. She turns over and kisses him softly on his transplanted cheek even though she can’t stop thinking that he might be the serial killer. Later, they make eggs and love together even though Isles is just a medical examiner. She holds a gun the entire time and screams out the name of disgruntled black police sergeant George Jefferson when she orgasms (twice). Her face and body transplanted high school boyfriend finds this extremely unsettling and asks her to put the gun away before round two. Meanwhile, nerdy Asian Patrick Spleen is back in the police station, now in a wheelchair. He tells everyone about his ancient, cancer-stricken hospital roommate and everyone laughs directly in his face. Rizzoli even spits on him a little bit. There’s also a murder and Rizzoli catches the guy, but it all happens pretty quickly and right at the end of the episode.

Episode 7: “Monday: Highs in the 70s with a 40% Chance of Showers”

There’s an explosion at a football game and Rizzoli is concerned that it might be the murderer/serial killer they’ve been looking for all season. Isles points out that the murderer/serial killer from the first episode hasn’t actually killed anyone since then and Rizzoli gets so angry that she squats on Isles’ desk and takes an enormous shit right there with everyone watching. Isles is secretly overjoyed because now she has Rizzoli’s DNA (see: season 28, episode 10, where Isles determines the only way to find the time traveling serial killer is to send a clone of Rizzoli to the future in a spin-off series called “Rizzoli in the Future”). Later, disgruntled black police sergeant George Jefferson has some marital issues and has to go sleep on the couch of nerdy Asian Patrick Spleen. The two are almost bonding over a game of Solitaire when suddenly there is a murder in the living room. Rizzoli bursts in the door and announces that it was probably the perp from a couple episodes ago that she never caught. Meanwhile, Isles examines some bodies from the football stadium explosion even though she is just a medical examiner. One of the bodies is actually her face and body transplanted high school boyfriend, which so upsets Isles that she drinks a large scotch in the back of a wood-paneled bar while a demographically appropriate song about lost love plays quietly.

Episode 8: “Frasier Grinch”

It is Christmas Eve and Frasier is excited as his son Frederick is coming to stay with him for the first time since his parents’ divorce. Niles believes he and Maris may be reconciled soon, but then he discovers that she has cancelled his credit cards, not to mention his mobile phone service. Back at KACL, Frasier is giving his Christmas broadcast which includes an inspiring Christmas story, but Gil and Bulldog try to distract him by wrapping him in tinsel and bringing in the Christmas party stripper, Candy Cane. Frasier arrives home later to find that Martin has decorated his apartment just as it was when he was a child, much to Frasier’s annoyance. Then he discovers that, instead of the educational toys he ordered for his son, he has instead received one Franklin Crane’s presents, which included a Barbie doll and kitchen set. This means the pressure is on for Frasier and Niles to ensure, in very little time, that Frederick still has a happy Christmas, and although to Frasier this means educational gifts, Martin is less convinced.

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  1. June 20, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    I thought this was real (since I don’t watch the show) until she shit on the desk. Bizarre! Then I wondered why Frasier is on the end of this post?

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