Rizzoli & Isles: Season 27 Plot Synopses – Part 3

Episode 9: “Hakuna Matata”

Isles hasn’t seen her face and body transplanted high school boyfriend in days and is pretty concerned that the body she medically examined really is him. Rizzoli is not so sure and decides to investigate, even though disgruntled black police sergeant George Jefferson told her explicitly to stay out of it. Rizzoli enlists the help of nerdy Asian Patrick Spleen, even though he is just starting to get over the serious back injury caused by Rizzoli’s lusty backslap. Meanwhile, Isles and guest star Hugh Jackman stake out a police station in a different district, hoping that someone in the different police station will catch the perp that Rizzoli has been looking for or the murderer/serial killer that everyone has been looking for. Suddenly, there is an explosion in the police station and Hugh Jackman tears off his shirt even though Isles is just a medical examiner. Nerdy Asian Patrick Spleen finds some evidence stating that Isles’ face and body transplanted high school boyfriend was once a desk officer at the police station Isles and Hugh Jackman are staking out. Rizzoli and nerdy Asian Patrick Spleen show up at the police station just as Hugh Jackman bares his Wolverine claws and saves all of the burning police officers in the building. Rizzoli is a little put out that she didn’t get to do anything cool. Meanwhile, nerdy Asian Patrick Spleen sees that his ancient cancer-stricken hospital roommate burned to death in a jail cell in the police station, allowing that boring subplot to fizzle out.

Episode 10: “Place Screw B in Hole 2A and Rotate Left Four (4) Turns”

Riddled with guilt over the fact that his wife committed suicide sometime between the last episode and this one, disgruntled black police sergeant George Jefferson takes everyone in the station hostage, even though as least one of them is just a medical examiner. Surprisingly, Rizzoli is able to defuse the situation by reminding everyone that there is a murderer/serial killer out there who they have to catch. Disgruntled black police sergeant George Jefferson puts away the left-handed safety scissors he was threatening everyone with and goes to the back of wood-paneled bar to drink a large scotch while a demographically appropriate song about lost love plays quietly. Meanwhile, Isles remembers that there is a perp out there somewhere and so she hires a private detective to go find him but the episode kind of peters out after that because really, how could they top a suicide and a hostage situation.

Episode 11: “Opium? In My Day, We Called it Medicine”

Rizzoli busts a drug ring, which is kind of a big deal because there haven’t been a lot of arrests this season. Nerdy Asian Patrick Spleen decides to throw her a surprise party to celebrate and also to propose marriage because he can’t stop thinking about how badly she hurt him. Unfortunately, Rizzoli gets an emergency cell phone call about the perp she’s been looking for and so she has to leave. Nerdy Asian Patrick Spleen is forced to throw the surprise party for disgruntled black police sergeant George Jefferson instead and accidentally proposes marriage to him. Oddly, disgruntled black police sergeant George Jefferson accepts the proposal, even though Isles is just a medical examiner. Meanwhile, Rizzoli finds her perp in a bombed-out warehouse, only to discover that he’s making an actual bomb in the bombed-out warehouse, causing her to feel bummed out. She catches the perp anyway, shooting him twice in the chest and once in the head. She announces that it’s called a triple tap and tea bags the fuck out his ruined face. Later, nerdy Asian Patrick Spleen and disgruntled black police sergeant George Jefferson discuss their wedding registry.

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