Chamonix – L’Amnesia Part III

Our night in L’Amnesia ended in a black, stumbling blur, but fortunately Eric stayed sober enough to lead us home and recall the experience the next day. Here’s what happened after our brains stopped having the capacity to retain memories, according to Eric:

  • Dirty Mike lived up to his name in the club toilet. Eric announced, “I gotta see that,” and chased Michael into the bathroom to supervise.
  • Eric pulled Drew up the stairs and out the door around 5 AM. He leaned Drew against a wall while he dove back in to collect the rest of us.
  • Eric led us home and insisted we pair off as gay couples so the night watchman would let four individuals into the two person hotel room.
  • Eric put on the best damn impression of genuinely loving Michael in his life for an, apparently, uncaring night watchman.
  • Everyone collapsed into the bed or sleeping bags, except for Eric, who slept on a shred of carpet on the floor next to the bed.
  • Eric woke up, showered, shat, shaved, Steve’d, and sourced this Inglourious Basterds italian scene video while we all slept like the dead.

There was probably more, but those brain cells are 100% dead. I woke up to streaming alpine sunlight and the fuzzy realization that it was nearly noon and we needed to check out of the hotel and like, be alive somehow.

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