Madrid – Wet and Waiting

Waiting in line at the Prado, outside, in the rain. Our only true, major museum experience. We’re desperate for culture after two weeks of barely lucid alcoholism. Free culture, that is. We passed up an earlier palace tour because 11 euro seemed like a steep fee.

“Steep,” or course, taking into account that we:

  • Spent 100 euros just to drive through a tunnel under Mont Blanc, counting speeding tickets
  • Collectively lost 300 euro to Ice Queen during one night in a seedy French casino
  • Paid 20 euro apiece for a continental breakfast in a stingy Italian hotel
  • Purchased ten shots for 30 euro and did it multiple times because it seemed like such a great deal when we were on the verge of blacking out

Actually, maybe it makes sense why we’d suddenly be leery of spending money, so willing to wait in a long line in the rain for a brief, free glimpse of Saturn devouring his son.

So worth it too. Dude’s just crazy hungry:


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