Wrabel – Give It Time

Looks like I stopped doing the whole “Slaughterhouse Music Club” thing early last summer. What a silly decision! These music club posts are the easiest to create because I am always listening to amazing music and everyone else is missing out on it.

Also, it’s pretty simple to toss a Youtube video into a post and sling together a cover image. And content is content, after all. Make this website a viable destination again, Dakota!

I’ll start off with a little Wrabel. He hit it big for a minute last summer with this singy-songy for teenage girls at their first EDM concert. Not that it’s a bad song! It’s just…kinda stale. Been there, done that. Honestly, it’s much better without the dance beat.

But “Give It Time”! This song is weird. It’s spare. I like spare. You can hear each component of the track. Piano, drum machine, vocals. A light dance build-up, but no dramatic drops. It’s a tender track, but in an eerie way that leaves you wary. Watch out for this one.


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