Will You Dance? – The Bird and the Bee

If I saw the Bird and the Bee in concert, I would clap along to this song without anyone in the band having to awkwardly demonstrate on stage. You know what that’s like. The lead singer takes her hands off the mic during the bridge and claps above her head, often saying something like “yeah!” or “come one!” I hate that. I’ll clap when I damn well please. And I damn well please to clap to this song.

Sometimes when I’m listening to the song in the car I try to play the funky bass beat on the steering wheel and I get so focused that I veer into oncoming traffic. I’m sure the other drivers understand, though. Just above the ominously looming headlights of my silver 2008 Hyundai Sonata they catch a glimpse of my intense, focused expression, my hands a blur of motion atop the steering wheel. They know. They get it. They plow into the ditch fully understanding that their sacrifice was necessary to the furtherance of my maintaining the funky bass beat from this song.

It’s the kind of song you get in an accident to.

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