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Up North

When I picture the north woods, I imagine a Grimm’s fairy tale landscape of unbearably massive oaks and pines lodged on an uneven, crumbling earth, burdened by immense drifts of white powder snow or the steamy run-off of a recent downpour. I harken back to days spent following the sunny patches on the living room floor, vacuuming up the comics…


Real quick, a few things I forgot to mention that I’d like to remember:

– Flying over icebergs on the Hudson Bay. They looked more like iceberg shit than actual polar-bear-covered-Coca-Cola icebergs.
– Flying over Greenland. Looked like a normal, rocky, mountainous shore until the mountain peaks were dwarfed by a massive, endless bulk of blinding white ice. Fascinating and amazing. I can only imagine what it looks like from the ground.
– Flying over Iceland. I always assumed this would be true, but now I can state it from personal experience: Molten volcanic rock-fields are awesome.
– Flying over Norway. Those mountains and fjords! My god. That country is next on the list.

Additionally, the buildings on one lone Otterberg back street all had little faucets attached to their side. These faucets drained what appeared to be pure, clean water out into a small, cobblestone river that ran along the side of the street. If it weren’t for the fact that we may have been witnessing a rudimentary sewage system, I would have fallen endlessly in love with the concept.

Down the Ramblin Mississippi Part Trice

Mississippians are good at waiting. I make this broad generalization after spending two 12 hour days as an observer of the Mississippi hospital admissions process. Around 6:30 A.M. people start to slide up to the registration station, moving like the living embodiment of the southern drawl. A moment or two passes as the registrar and the patient notice each other, both formulating…

Down the Ramblin Mississippi

I’m in Jackson, Mississippi this week for work, although just what work I’ll actually be doing has yet to reveal itself. I missed the training meeting last week (damn it, Germany!) and now have no idea where to go or when besides a vague idea that there is a hospital nearby and I should be there an some ungodly early…

On the Road Again

I’m going to Germany tomorrow. Heads up, everybody! Literally – look up! I will probably be in a very large airplane, flying over you. I will also be flying over a vast ocean, several islands, probably some ice, maybe some ducks and like, fish and massive floating trash gyres. They should all look up too. This will be my first…

Farts and Other Fun Smells

I ate a California black bean burger for lunch today. I often have interesting lunches at work, what with the gourmet, five star cafeteria and all. Yesterday I supped upon herb-roasted chicken breast on a bed of wilted greens and beet cous-cous, all delicately adorned with a garlic cream sauce. And that was fairly routine by comparison to some of…

Tales from the Gym: Part 1

9 pm on a Thursday night and I’m heading down to the gym, ready to get my pump on, ready to work this sexy bod right out. Keys in one hand, book in the other, I’m…well, I’m going to walk briskly on the treadmill for 40 minutes while reading Let the Great World Spin, by Colum McCann. So maybe I’m…